Ginza Tanaka Platinum and Diamond Purse | Pay More Than a Million Dollars for This Luxurious Handbag

Posted on: Jun 10

I'm always on the lookout for luxury, whether it's to drool over beautiful items or to laugh at the ridiculous prices. So I was pretty excited to find, a new blog dishing up lavish goods with a healthy dose of snark.

This opulent Ginza Tanaka purse is one of the items that caught my eye. And for the cool $1.63 million price tag, that's exactly what you want it to do. It's a head turner, but it's the details that drive the price up. It's made entirely of platinum, studded with a whopping 2,182 diamonds. These precious gems add up to a staggering 208 karats in all.

Never mind that the platinum is bound to be heavy, and you'd probably need to employ a bodyguard to take this beauty out. What do we expect from the jewelry maker who created a 24-karat gold horse for a newborn Japanese prince, and a gold Christmas tree?

Sometimes we should just enjoy luxury for luxury's sake. Personally, I'll do it by checking out rather than laying down my hard earned cash!


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