Get Creative with Fendi Baguette Needlepoint Kit

Posted on: Apr 7

Ever looked at an embroidered Fendi baguette and thought that you could do better? You've now got your chance with the launch of the Fendi Baguette Needlepoint Kit, available exclusively at Neiman Marcus.

The 5" x 10" x 1.75" baguette is literally a blank canvas, inviting us to put our creativity to the test. Of course, Fendi has helped guide us by providing colorful silk threads, needles, and thimbles. You can also choose from either a leather or fabric handle. There are even design cards to follow if you don't trust your own sense of style.

But if you're truly creative don't let Fendi limit what you do with this bag. You could add any craft supplies to create a truly unique masterpiece ... or a fashion disaster! Personally, I'm not confident enough in my skills to spend the $995, but I'm sure in the right hands it'd be a great investment.

[Source: BagBliss]

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