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Posted on: Jan 16

Furla Store

We'll see several new Furla travel accessories stores opening around the world this year.

The first travel accessories outlets will open within Furla's existing stores in Beijing and Harbin this February. The Chinese boutiques will dedicate 15-meters square of space within their leather outlets to the label's new spring/summer collection. Also in China, Furla's store at Beijing International Airport is currently being refurbished to include the travel goods. Furla's head of travel retail Gerry Munday says that China holds "huge potential" for his company.

But China isn't the only area to receive Furla's new travel goods. February will also see small eight-meter square space will open within the label's Cairo International Airport.

The fashion house is also looking to introduce its travel goods to the Americas. In March it will gain necessary exposure with its first exhibit at the IAADFS Duty Free Show of the Americas. Munday hopes the appearance will generate buzz for new store-in-store spaces at Furla's Las Vegas Airport and San Domingo outlets.

Munday says he's "very confident" that Furla's travel accessories will find a keen market in the Americas. The success of this new line should help cement Furla as a serious accessories brand. Do you think the move into travel goods is a smart move for Furla?

[Source: The Moodie Report]
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