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Posted on: Sep 8

VPL Beauty Bag has teamed up with Victoria Bartlett for its latest free gift offer. Customers will receive Bartlett's VPL travel bag and goodies, valued at $140, when they spend $100 with the online beauty store.

The exclusively designed purse is the latest in's quarterly series of fashion house collaborations. It's classed as a mini satchel, but its 16 interior compartments and detachable pouch ensure there's plenty of space for carrying all your beauty must haves.

As if to prove the point has stuffed the purse full of designer cosmetic and skin care samples, including eye and lip cream, self tanner, hand sanitizer, and thickening hair spray.

While the VPL purse's nude color is very on trend, its styling isn’t likely to set the fashion world ablaze. However Barlett said that functionality was foremost in her mind during the design process.

"The closures keep items separated and secure to avoid shifts in transit," she explained. "The elastic strap allows you to hang the bag on the bathroom door, keeping everything within arm's reach without adding clutter."

All those complimentary beauty items, and the cute purse they come in, make this another very attractive free gift from As if we needed another excuse to splurge on the shopping website!

[Source: PR Newswire]

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