Frederick James’ Bernie Madoff Pants iPad Cases | Financial Devil’s Wardrobe Recycled for Fashion

Posted on: Aug 15

Bernie Madoff iPad CasesWhen Bernie Madoff's wardrobe was auctioned off along with the rest of his worldly goods last November, many of us wondered what would become of the items. I certainly never imagined the former stock broker's pants would become iPad cases!

John Vaccaro of Frederick James bought all 16 pairs of Madoff pants to create these unusual souvenirs of Wall Street's darkest moments. The designer said he believes many collectors will want to own such "a quirky piece of history, even the worst kind." I guess we'll find out soon whether he's right!

The cases are made from trousers from big name designers like J. Crew, Ralph Lauren, and Banana Republic. Considering how much money he was fleecing, it's no surprise that Madoff was wearing some fabulous pants!

I suppose many tech heads would feel a certain satisfaction in sticking their gadget down Madoff's pants. It's certainly a unique conversation starter! But these aren't the most practical cases. They'll protect your iPad from scratches and scrapes, but there's no protective lining or padding so they're a bit useless if the tablet is dropped.

Personally I don't think the novelty factor alone isn't worth the $350 asking price, although collectors may disagree. Are you tempted to indulge in one of these quirky tech cases?

[Source: Ecouterre]

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