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Posted on: Dec 7

Fisher Price LogoFisher-Price has been a trusted brand for parents for decades, so it makes sense that the iconic label is releasing a new range of diaper bags. These innovative FastFinder purses do their best to help new moms suffering from baby brain, as they feature labeled exterior pockets specifically designed for parenting essentials.

Parents can choose from five different styles: the Deluxe Everyday Organizer, Deluxe Fashion Diaper Tote, Deluxe Wide Opening Diaper Bag, Deluxe Convertible Diaper Backpack, and Deluxe On-The-Go Diaper Backpack. Each design contains easy-to-access compartments made for bottles, pacifiers, diapers, and baby wipes.

It sounds like Fisher-Price has the functional aspects down, but I wonder what the styles will look like. No images have been released, so I'm crossing fingers that these bags will be just as good looking as they are practical. However Fisher-Price isn't a fashion house, so I won't hold my breath!

Fisher-Price knows new parents are hurting at the hip pocket, so it's pricing its FastFinder diaper bags at an affordable $39. Look for them in department stores in January 2011.

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