First World Trash Turns Landfill Into Accessories | Upcycled Seatbelt & Billboard Purses

Posted on: Oct 30

First World Trash MessengerEco-friendly label First World Trash proves the old adage that one man's trash is another's treasure. The company's creators scour New York junkyards for vinyl billboards and old seatbelts. These materials might be junk to you and I, but First World Trash turns these items into durable wallets, laptop and iPad sleeves, and handbags.

It's admirable that First World Trash is keeping these materials out of landfill, but its choice is about more than the environment. These items are built to survive bad weather, car crashes, and other wear and tear, so it makes sense to transfer those qualities to purses. In turn First World Trash's accessories are water resistant and tough as nails, so they're perfect for surviving life in the urban jungle.

The hands on approach that First World Trash takes in acquiring its materials is followed through to the manufacturing process. The materials are deep cleaned, cut and polished to remove the remnants of time in landfill. First World Trash then takes these fabrics and handcrafts them into accessories to ensure their quality.

First World Trash bags are available online through the fashion house's website. There are accessories to suit all budgets, from affordable $20 wallets to the more detailed and more expensive $160 messenger pictured.

[Source: First World Trash]

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