Feuerwear Makes Accessories From Fire Hoses | Recycled Hose Bags & Belts

Posted on: May 24

Feuerwear ShopperOld fire hoses are enjoying a new lease on life thanks to eco-friendly accessories company, Feuerwear. The label uses the hoses to create durable and green bags, wallets, and belts.

You can't help thinking about the life these materials have lived, and the people they might have helped save, as you carry these bags. They were exposed to soot and ash as they served Europe's firefighters, but today have been scrubbed clean. Feuerwear workers then cut the hoses to size and assemble them by hand to create the label's distinctive accessories. The history of the hoses is apparent, but now these hoses are part of a more modern story, the movement towards green design.

Recycling is all well and good, but I can't help worrying about those other carbon-emitting processes required by every fashion house. So I'm thrilled to see Feuerwear ships its goods through DHL's low-emission and energy efficient GoGreen program. It also keeps production local to minimize its carbon footprint. The accessories are crafted in small family-run and owned stores in Europe, where all workers enjoy fair wages and working conditions.

Feuerwear accessories are available from selected retailers in Europe, Asia, and the United States, and the Feuerwear website.

[Source: Feuerwear website]

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