Fendi Releases Designer Bicycle Accessorized in Leather and Fur

Posted on: May 22

Leave it to the big designer names to pull out all the stops for their collections. Following in the footsteps of Chanel, luxury brand Fendi has released what has to be the most stylish bicycle I've ever seen.

The new Fendi Abici Amante Donna is probably as chic as cycling can get with its crisp cream body and Fendi accessories. They're not the first to have the idea, though. Chanel similarly released a collection of bikes last year.

However, Fendi's take on the two-wheeled transportation is much more appealing to me because of its slightly vintage vibe. Can't you imagine Audrey Hepburn taking a casual trip through the streets of Rome on this thing?

This kind of on-the-road style doesn't come cheap, of course. The Fendi Abici Amante Donna has two options. One has a leather case attached and retails for $5,900. The more expensive version, which includes the leather storage plus fur saddlebags, runs for $9,500. That's a lot pennies, people.

Some might call it a waste of cash. If you can afford it and if you're in on the eco-friendly trend of bicyling instead of driving, though, this bike just might be worth it. It is Fendi, after all. If you'd rather have a Fendi you can carry, you might opt for the Patent Peek-a-Boo instead.

[Source: My Fashion Life]

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