Felix Rey Isabell Mesh Wristlet | Unusual Metal & Mesh Contrasting Purse

Posted on: Jun 2

Felix Rey Isabell Mesh WristletGo all dramatic and armored with this metal mesh version of the funky Felix Rey Isabell clutch.

The quilted leather version with its big solid metal bow was, quite frankly, awesome. That makes for some really big shoes to fill, and any other Isabell versions could have trouble living up to the high expectations. However, then along came the mesh version, and any worries we may have possibly had have definitely fallen by the wayside. It is just as good, if not better!

You see, here the metal bow, that super stylized design, is teamed with yet more metal. The mesh is textured and so manages to contrast with the solid pewter, but in a powerfully edgy way. It's less daytime retro and more of an evening look, perfect for teaming with dramatic dresses and over the top skyscraper heels.

I have to be honest; this mesh wristlet is pretty hard to slate. I keep looking for a flaw, but I can't find one, apart from the $240 price. However, even that seems fair for the remarkable looks!

More Features of this Felix Rey Bow Wristlet

  • Also available in navy/gold
  • Metal mesh exterior
  • Small chain wrist strap
  • Interior zip pocket

Get this Isabell Mesh Clutch:

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