Farm Tactics Makes Recycled Military Bags for Blokes

Posted on: Jan 30

For the most part we only see metrosexuals carrying man bags, but that might change thanks to Farm Tactics. The Los Angeles-based brand creates upcycled handbags which are happily rough around the edges.

Farm Tactics uses military textiles from the '40s, '50s, and '60s to handcraft its totes, satchels, hip bags, and backpacks. What could be more manly than that?

The collection includes the Tool Bag, made from duck-canvas conveyor belts and military webbing, and the Field Backpack, made from a Dutch military bag from the sixties and a 1940s gas-mask bag. I also love the sound of the Spare Parts Bag, a wallet/tool roll combo made from a 1950s American military spare parts and 1960s German hardware.

Designer Kyle Ng says his one-of-a-kind pieces "look to the past to create the future."

By shedding the slick looks we tend to associate with man bags, Mr Ng and Farm Tactics may have just found a way to get lads to embrace accessories. The bags are available online through Oakleaf & Acorn.

[Source: Ecouterre]
[Image Source: Farm Tactics]

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