Fanny Packs are Back | Retro Belt Purse Makes Fashion Comeback

Posted on: Mar 11

New Kids Fanny PackI was down with the return of neon colors, but I never imagined our obsession with the 80s would see fanny packs on the comeback trail. However the evidence is undeniable, with high-end designers and celebrities all embracing the retro belted satchel.

Several of our favorite designers will release fanny packs this season. In fact, Diane von Fusternberg is releasing a whole range of the hands-free purses! Her creative director Yvan Mispelaere says they will have "a functional shape, but with a touch of glamour, a touch of luxury and a touch of seriousness." We can expect to pay $325 for DVF's brand new fanny packs.

If you thought that was steep, you ain't seen nothing yet. Korean-American designer Sang A Im-Propp has made a belt bag from alligator skin, with an high-class price tag to match. Would you spend $1995 on an exotic fanny pack?

If you needed further proof that fanny packs are back, just look to the celebrities. The always ahead of the trends pop star Rihanna loves her Louis Vuitton fanny pack. Ciara was also seen wearing a red fanny pack in her latest music video.

Fashion forecasters are telling me otherwise, but I'm still not sure we're ready for the return of the fanny pack. Would you wear one?

[Source: Click On Detroit]
[Image Source: Jason Anfinsen/Flickr]

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