Fabric Horse Reinvents Fanny Pack | Practical Eco-Friendly Utility Belt

Posted on: Feb 22

Fabric Horse Superhero Utility BeltWhat do you get when you cross a tradesman's work belt with a fanny pack? Fabric Horse's clever new utility belt!

Designers Carrie Collins and Mary Casper make each utility belt to order from material castoffs and fabric remnants sourced from local thrift stores. The waxed canvas, nylon, and vinyl scraps are then reinforced with old bicycle inner tubes.

You can choose from five different styles, which include an array of pockets and straps for keeping your essentials in place. Some belts even feature Fabric Horse's other popular products, including the U-Lock Holster for storing bike locks. We particularly like the Superhero belt pictured; its pockets are lined with waterproof vinyl to keep your essentials safe from unexpected showers.

I imagine these utility belts will be really popular amongst cyclists and travelers, but fashion snobs may be a bit slower to embrace them. With handbags getting smaller though, I think this clever utility belt has come along at just the right time.

The Fabric Horse utility belts are priced between $68 and $146 from the fashion house's online store.

[Source: Ecouterre]
[Image Source: Fabric Horse website]

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