Exotic Poupee Couture Purses | Handbags Inspired by Arabian Women

Posted on: Jul 6

Poupee Couture ClutchThey say that a woman's handbag says much about her own personality, but few reflect their culture like the purses from United Arab Emirates' Poupee Couture.

Designer Roula Ghalayini knows all too well the way that Arab women must act to blend in with society. They can't always say what they want to say, or behave the way they want to behave, but their true nature is always simmering just underneath the surface.

Just like Arabian women, the bags from Poupee Couture are multilayered. On the surface they're structured with clean, crisp lines. But look closer still and you'll see the brilliant colors peeking out from underneath. These radiant hues always shine through, whether it's from the careful layering of materials or tiny geometric perforations.

The world of fashion often appears very homogenized, so it's refreshing to see handbags with such a strong sense of place. I'm sure they'd make any Western outfit appear that much more exotic.

Poupee Couture bags are sold at selected stores in the Middle East, United States, and Europe. However no matter where you are, you can find them online at Boticca. Considering how intricate many of the designs are I think they're relatively affordable, with prices ranging between $85 and $395.

[Source: Poupee Couture]

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