Erin Fetherston Guest Designs for Juicy Couture

Posted on: Apr 25

Juicy Couture will get some fresh creative blood next month when Californian-born talent Erin Fetherston temporarily joins the label. She'll start her tenure as guest designer and creative consultant on May 1.

Juicy Couture will benefit from Fetherston's services until the end of 2011. That should be plenty of time for the designer to leave her floaty, feminine mark on the brand.

Fetherston's fans need not fret about the pairing, as she'll continue to design her own label at the same time.

This could be just the shot in the arm Juicy Couture needs. Interest in the brand is waning, and Nordstrom even dropped the label this fall. Meanwhile Fetherston is a star on the rise, with Anne Hathaway, Kirsten Dunst, and Cameron Diaz amongst her celebrity fans. Her time with Juicy Couture might be enough to help her move from underground designer to household name.

We’ll see the first Erin Fetherston designed Juicy Couture goodies in stores this holiday season.

[Source: Luxist]
[Image Source: Love Janine/Flickr]

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  1. stefaniewhite Says:

    Juicy Couture often brings us the vivid color of the youth, and I always feel joyful when seeing Juicy Couture handbags…

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