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Posted on: Dec 6

Juicy Couture Erin Fetherston Holiday Shoulder BagJuicy Couture has brought American fashion designer Erin Fetherston on board for its holiday 2010 collection.

It's a good fit for the brand which seems to be seeking a more sophisticated image, away from the pink velour and rhinestones of old. The new line features some of Juicy's signature elements, including velvet, bows, and yes, velour. However the pieces are rendered in such an elegant way that they only bear a passing resemblance to the Juicy Couture we once knew.

There are ready-to-wear ensembles, art deco-inspired jewelry, open toe pumps, and of course, handbags. The quilted velvet shoulder bag reminds me of something from Lanvin with its jaunty bow. Fetherstone shows us how studs should be done these days by adding tiny silver spots to the diamond quilted fabric.

The shoulder bag is casual, but the Erin Fetherston collection dresses things up with its pouchette and clutch. Both are made of black velvet; the pouchette is then accented with gemstones while the clutch has another of those gorgeous bows.

While there are shades of Lanvin here, the prices are more like the French brand's diffusion line for H&M. You'll find the Erin Fetherston for Juicy Couture handbags priced between $188 and $198 from Juicy stores and online.

[Source: Examiner]

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