Echo Launches New Handbags | Beach Bag Brand’s Expanded Accessories Range

Posted on: Aug 6

Echo HandbagsWe all know Echo's fabric and terry cloth beach bags, but soon the label will release a more versatile range of handbags.

The fabric purses feature prints inspired by the label's famous scarves, including animal motifs and bold tribal patterns. The solid colored bags will have printed linings, while the patterned purses will give our eyes a break with matte interiors.

The new Echo bags are also soft, lightweight, and comfortable to carry, just like the brand's beach bags, but they have a bit more style. Customers can choose from classic designs like square and north-south totes, messengers, and shoulder bags.

I can't see any clutch purses or evening bags in this first crop, but perhaps that's the next step! These new handbags certainly show us a more flexible side of Echo, but they're still relatively casual. I'd love to see the brand really pushing itself and creating accessories that are truly sophisticated.

There are 45 different styles available in the new Echo collection, and each one is affordably priced. It doesn't seem like the label's charging us a premium for its brand new sense of style, as the bags are priced between $78 and $128. Look for them soon at the regular retailer outlets and Echo's online store.

[Source: Accessories Magazine]

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