eBay Goes Green with New Environmentally Friendly Shopping Hub

Posted on: Mar 9

eBay is encouraging us to go green, not by buying bags made of recycled materials or organic fabrics but by opting for pre-loved handbags.

"Most people think you have to make a product in a certain way with a certain set of ingredients for it to be green," said Amy Skoczlas Cole, director of eBay's green team. "What we're saying is you don't have to make this new product at all."

eBay enlisted the help of Cooler to calculate how much carbon shoppers save by opting for recycled products. The eco-friendly analysts say that buying a leather handbag saves as much energy as a flight from London to Paris.

Of course, all of this can easily be dismissed as spin designed to boost eBay's appeal. But whether eBay's message is green-washing or not, the company's marketing strategy also makes a lot of sense.

To encourage more eco-conscious shoppers, eBay has launched a green hub highlighting items the auction site deems as environmentally friendly. Some of these are pre-owned, while others are made using sustainable practices. The site's conveniently organized according to category, with collections dedicated to the home, technology, and fashion.

[Source: New York Times]
[Image Source: Ivan Prole/Stock.xchng]

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