Durable Dosh Wallets Made to Last | Eco-Friendly Purses Crafted from Desmopan

Posted on: Aug 16

Sydney label Dosh is putting the design envelope with its innovative and sleek range of wallets.

These accessories don't look so cutting edge at first, but their simple design is deceptive. The purses are made from a blend of high-tech polymer materials including Desmopan. You might not have heard of this fabric yet, but it's already being touted as the new leather. It's much stronger though, and able to withstand harsh environments that would see other wallets perish. You might not put your wallet through such extremes, but it's nice to know it can take the punishment. Green girls should also note that no animals, humans, or waterways are damaged in the creation of these wallets, and the materials are also recyclable.

Dosh wallets are available in a choice of three or six card designs. Most girls will struggle to pare down their plastic to accommodate these purses, but the brand says it hopes to "liberate" us from "excess baggage." It's a noble goal, but one I'm not sure our modern consumerist society will embrace.

If you're happy with the bare essentials though, a Dosh wallet may be your new best friend. They're available from selected retailers around the world and online at the Dosh website and Supermarket.

[Source: Dosh]

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