Donate Your Old Handbag for Charity | Radley Raises Funds for British Heart Foundation with Bag Drive at UK Stores

Posted on: Mar 20

British handbag house Radley has come up with a guilt-free way to indulge in the new season's purses.

Until April 30, customers are encouraged to donate their pre-loved handbags to one of the label's stores across the United Kingdom. This generosity will be rewarded with a £40 discount on any new Radley handbag priced £120 or more. It's always hard to give away an old friend, but that should help sweeten the deal!

Radley is working with The British Heart Foundation on the handbag drive. All purses collected by the fashion label will go to British Heart Foundation stores around the UK. These second-hand bags will help to raise funds for medical research, patient care, and education about heart and circulatory disease.

So The British Heart Foundation gets much needed funds, and we get to clear some clutter out of our closet and save on one of the hot new spring/summer accessories. It sounds like everybody wins!

[Source: Girlie Gossip]
[Image Source: piX1966/Flickr]

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