Donald J Pliner Banas Tote | Unique Slouchy Ruched Bag

Posted on: Jan 17

Donald J. Pliner's Banas tote is the very picture of casual cool.

At first glance this slouchy tote is quite an eye catcher. Not because of any big and bold features, but because of the unique and unusual shape. The designer describes it as "contemporary," but I actually feel that the ruched structure is more similar to old-fashioned styling, although that is by no means a bad thing.

Whilst the expandable ruched sides do make for a bag with lots of space, perfect for your personal and particular amount of belongings, many will be unsure of how it actually makes it look. Whilst instantly ruling it out of smart affairs, however, this slouchy style is perfect for casual day or weekend wear. The comfy contrasting leather handles also suit this purpose to a tee.

It isn't cheap, but this Donald J Pliner handbag is an interesting and distinctive purse that stands out in a crowd with its lazy shape.

More Features of this Slouchy Banas Tote

  • Available in seven different color options
  • Sophisticated neutral lining
  • Dual leather handles
  • Leather exterior

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