Dolce & Gabbana Licia Clutch | Crystal and Sparkle Encrusted Purse

Posted on: Feb 19

If you want some all-out glamour, then you can't get more sparkly than this incredibly expensive D&G clutch.

The Licia is what luxury is all about. You have to shell out an astounding $945, but with a high-fashion designer piece we all know that in many ways that is what it is all about. If it was cheap then people would, believe it or not, be less likely to buy it. The eternal question, of course, is whether this is actually worth the moolah?

I think that you do get what you pay for in the delicate and masterful scattering of crystals, gems and other such glittery wonderfulness (and yes, that is a technical term). The silk satin is also highly luxurious, and makes this Dolce & Gabbana clutch feel as posh as it looks. The one area where I do question its design and therefore its worth, however, is the shape. From the front it is OK,  but this seems a little oversized and slouchy for something that will be used for really high-brow events.

Classy and smart, this is a D&G fan's dream come true!

More Features of this Gem Encrusted Dolce & Gabbana Purse

  • Satin interior and exterior
  • Swarovski crystal studded exterior
  • Optional chain handle
  • Dust bag included

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