Diane von Furstenberg’s Limited Edition International Women’s Day Products | Tote, T-Shirt, & CD for Vital Voices

Posted on: Mar 8

Diane von Furstenberg International Womens Day ToteDiane von Furstenberg is celebrating International Women's Day with the release of a new limited edition T-shirt, tote bag, and CD. As with previous International Women's Day collections, a percentage of sales will benefit non-profit women's charity Vital Voices.

The items again feature the feminist slogan "Proud to be Woman." This year's design sees the slogan placed inside a pair of hearts with long, womanly legs. The motto is only written once on the T-shirt, but it's repeated so many times on the tote that you won't risk forgetting it!

The heart motif is also featured on this year's Diane von Furstenberg International Women's Day album, which includes songs from tough chicks like Madonna, Katy Perry, and Florence + The Machine. The album costs $24, the T-shirt is $28, and the tote will set you back $35.

Diane von Furstenberg has released a similar collection for the last few years, and it's encouraging to see her continuing to support Vital Voices. This not for profit organization helps empower women in needy communities around the world. You can lend your support to Vital Voices by shopping for the International Women's Day items on Diane von Furstenberg’s website. Will you pick up one of Diane von Furstenberg’s International Women's Day items, or the whole set?

[Source: People StyleWatch]
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