Details Emerge of Coach’s Luxury Reed Krakoff Fashion Line

Posted on: Jul 31

More details have come to light about Coach's Reed Krakoff line. The collection, named after the brand's creative director, is all about luxury fashion items.

It's a curious move considering the current economic climate, but Coach's chief executive Lew Frankfort insists it's "a perfect time." He explains that consumers are rethinking where and how they shop.

"We believe the Reed Krakoff label will define new American luxury, which has a distinctive aesthetic at an attractive price point," Mr. Frankfort said.

The Reed Krakoff range will include luxury clothing, handbags, jewelry, and accessories. It will be sold in a select number of stand-alone stores, boutiques, and specialty stores. The company seems determined to separate the luxurious Reed Krakoff line from Coach, as it will not be available in Coach stores.

Creating a new luxury brand seems like a risky venture in a global recession, but I suppose nothing innovative comes without a gamble, does it?

[Source: Reuters]
[Image Source: Shoshanah/Wikipedia Commons]

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