Designgroup’s Quirky Wood Wallet | Unusual Eco-Friendly Coin Purse

Posted on: Jan 11

Designgroup Wood WalletIsraeli based innovators Designgroup has created a unique eco-friendly wallet made of wood.

The design of this Wood Wallet is very intriguing. Your credit card doubles a lid, keeping the notes and coins you've stashed in the small carved chamber safe. A recycled bike inner tube serves as a strap to hold it all in place.

It goes without saying that this isn't the purse for serious shoppers. If you've got a swag of credit cards and store loyalty memberships, you'll have no place to put them. Green fashionistas will be happy to note though that the wallet is made entirely from recycled wood.

While it's far from the most practical purse on the market, at an affordable $19.95 it makes a quirky way for carrying your vital financial bits and pieces. Would you succumb to the eco charms of this unusual wooden wallet, or is this simply another gimmicky green accessory?

[Source: Designgroup's Etsy Store]

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