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Posted on: May 26

David Shock Construction Fence ToteWith a name like David Shock, the designer of this tote was always destined to shake the fashion industry up. He's done just that here, taking humble orange construction fencing and turning it into a poppy retro tote.

The Ornj Bag is clever designed with its material's natural perforations forming a 60s inspired pattern. This material is also tough, flexible, and lightweight, all qualities that transfer to the tote itself.

And let's not forget that David Shock's work keeps the industrial plastic out of landfill. He sources his material from abandoned fields and work sites, tidies it up, and then works his magic.

That's not the only material Shock is saving though. The base of each tote is made from old plastic signs! A sustainable bamboo handle completes this innovative design.

The use of shiny plastic also makes this tote very easy to keep clean. Just rinse it with water and use a mild detergent to get rid of any marks, and this tote should stay that vibrant shade of orange for years.

While the plastic is tough, it's also prone to stretching. If its overloaded the tote could lose its shape, and in the most extreme case the handles could tear clean off. It should be able to handle a regular load, but I wouldn't go using it as a grocery tote for soda bottles and large cans.

At an affordable $40 though I don't think we can fault the Ornj Bag's limitations. They're part and parcel of David Shock's material, which has enough charm to make us forget about its flaws.

[Source: Uncommon Goods website]

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