David Lynch Directs “Lady Blue Shanghai” for Christian Dior Starring Marion Cotillard

Posted on: May 19

Christian Dior has released Lady Blue Shanghai, the latest short film to promote its Lady Dior line.

Acclaimed auteur David Lynch directed the 16-minute advertisement, which stars the face of Lady Dior Marion Cotillard. The movie begins with Marion discovering the purse of her dreams, naturally a Lady Dior. She then returns to her hotel room, which has been infiltrated by a mysterious man with a love of loud music.

The film, which was shot on location in Shanghai, has all the makings of classic Lynch. There’s eerie music, atmospheric smoke, and a narrative that is impossibly hard to follow. That's a result of David Lynch being told that so long as he featured the handbag and a couple of Shanghai locations, he could do whatever he liked. You don't try and tell David Lynch how to make a movie after all.

Lady Blue Shanghai will probably leave you scratching your head, but it wouldn't be a David Lynch flick if it didn't!

[Source: eCanadaNow]

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