Danielle Nicole Donates to Breast Cancer Charity | Pink Jelly Tote Fundraises for Susan G. Komen for the Cure

Posted on: Oct 5

Danielle Nicole Jelly ToteThe charity bags commemorating Breast Cancer Awareness month are coming thick and fast. The latest to turn our heads is this pink Jelly Tote from Maryland designer Danielle Nicole. Considering its bright pink hue, you can't blame us for taking a second look!

This frosted jelly tote is certainly worth our attention though. Its brown fringe tassels and trim help make its sugary colored body more versatile. Its dimensions are generous, but it's a little lacking in functional features. With only a single zippered pocket inside, you'll need to know how to stay organized as this tote won't do it for you.

The Jelly Tote is not made of real leather, but choosing a high quality synthetic hasn't been a bad move for Danielle Nicole. It ensures this tote is water resistant, and also sees it affordably priced at $68.

And best of all, Danielle Nicole will donate a generous 20% of every sale to breast cancer research charity Susan G. Komen for the Cure. That generosity has garnered plenty of attention for the tote. It was recently featured in People magazine and WPIX11. All that buzz is great news for this up and coming designer, and of course for Susan G. Komen for the Cure.

What do you think of this latest breast cancer awareness fundraising accessory?

[Source: Danielle Nicole website]

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