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Posted on: Apr 9

CupCase Your Bras CaseCupCase Your Bras is a brand new travel accessory designed to protect your lingerie in transit.

The company claims its innovative design "protects your bras from crimping, crushing and creasing" during travel. It'd also prevent those unwanted snags that sometimes occur when your bra hooks come into contact with delicate apparel and hosiery. Each hollow CupCase Your Bras case is large enough for three bras and a few extra items. I can imagine using the extra space for hair ties and jewelry. We all know when packing it's smart to utlize every square inch!

The CupCase Your Bras cases seem like a modern interpretation of a hat box to me. They've got that same retro feel, and just like the hat boxes of old they're a smart way to protect one of your most precious travel assets.

At an affordable $24.95 you'll probably see value for money even if you only take the occasional getaway. However it's worth noting that this case can double as a cute purse for evenings out. Just make sure you clear out the lingerie first! With colors ranging from classic black to hot pink, purple, and even leopard and cheetah prints, the hardest part is choosing your favorite!

[Source: Accessories Magazine]

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