CoverBee Makes Expensive Laptop Case | Diamond Studded Fur Lined Tech Purse

Posted on: Mar 24

Coverbee Diamond Sleeve

Dutch tech accessories company CoverBee has created an ultra-opulent laptop sleeve for girls who believe only the best will do. The exorbitant case costs much more than any laptop at a staggering £6.9 million.

The sleeve's exterior is studded with thousands of glittering diamonds. In fact there are more than 8,800 round cut gemstones with VS clarity grades and F color. As an assurance of their quality, each comes with its own certificate of origin.

The interior doesn't skimp either; it's lined with rare ebony sable fur sourced from Russia. The plush lining helps to protect your precious technology while giving the laptop sleeve a final luxurious touch. It's also surprisingly animal friendly, as CoverBee only uses the pelts of creatures that have passed from natural causes.

CoverBee's chief executive Peter van Soldt concedes that creating such an outrageous laptop sleeve is "a little crazy," but he adds that it's "only thanks to this attitude we can design brilliant products."

Anyone with a cool £6.9 million can order the extravagant Diamond Sleeve directly through the CoverBee website. You needn't worry about the accessory going astray either, as its shipment will be handled by a leading secure logistics company that's used to taking care of gold ingots and bank notes. The last thing you want is an investment like this getting lost in the mail!

[Source: Daily Mail]

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