Coach Poppy Canvas Butterfly Tote | Colorful Patchwork Applique Handbag

Posted on: May 16

Once upon a time, patchwork purses were Coach staples. But then the stitched fabric swatches fell out of favor, and Coach abandoned them for sleeker, leather alternatives. And so this Poppy Canvas Butterfly Tote feels like a return to form for the American brand, a reinvention of the popular art of patchwork.

The concept is simple, which is perhaps why I like it so much. Take one white canvas tote, classically shaped, and traditionally colored. Then add the trimmings; a gorgeous butterfly rendered with a rainbow of scraps of colored fabrics and patent leathers. Metallic sequins add just a hint of bling, while bold magenta handles are ideal for summer.

The gentle white canvas exterior is paired with a spring green fabric lining inside. This space is also simple, but that's just what this tote calls for. There are a couple of pockets in the sides, but not enough to clutter the generous space. You'll put this to good use taking fresh produce home from the markets and Frisbees to the park.

Yes it's kitsch, but we’re just about to enter the warmer weather of summer, a time where in the fashion world anything goes. As we all loosen up a little, this level of irreverence might be just what the season called for!

More Features of This Coach Patchwork Tote

  • Zip top closure with nickel ring pull
  • Two Coach hangtags
  • Measures 16.5 x 3.5 x 12 inches

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