Christian Louboutin Loubiposh Spiked Wool Tartan Clutch | Nerdily Named Ultra Cool Spikey Plaid Evening Bag

Posted on: Jun 26

Christian Louboutin Loubiposh Spiked Wool Tartan ClutchI've always liked Christian Louboutin because he sticks to what he knows: accessories. You won't find him getting tempted by the clothing industry. You might, however, find him getting tempted by the trends. In the case of the Loubiposh, I totally forgive him for it. It combines punk and posh in the best way I can think of. With gold spikes.

I'm a big sucker for a pouch style purse. Seriously, what could be easier? This one is well-sized to carry an evening's worth of niceties, but it has a little give if you need some extra room. The shape itself is totally pared down, which lets the coolness of the material and details take center stage.

Nothing says punk like spiked red plaid. But nothing says posh like goldware and sleek design, so the Loubiposh has got all its bases covered. The plaid wool gives the spikes a busy, but beautiful, backdrop. Actually, the spikes seem part of the design more than anything else. And I love the black leather reinforced corners. They're a much needed nod to preppiness.

Frankly, at $895 I think the Loubiposh is a steal. You won't read me saying that very often either, but the lure of classicism mixed with cutting edge is just too seductive to resist.

More Features Of The Christian Louboutin Loubiposh Spiked Wool Tartan Clutch

  • 12" x 7" x 1" size
  • Detachable shoulder strap
  • Lined in signature red twill

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