Chloe Darla Large Leather Tote | Striking Rich Burgundy Leather Handbag

Posted on: Aug 22

Chloe has this way of making classic bags that still seem modern and even a little edgy. This Darla tote is not particularly edgy, but even as a person who doesn't really go in for conservative styles, I really dig it. There's just something retro-fabulous about it that makes it look really spot on.

Burgundy is not a color you see in handbags often these days, and you really should. The rich look of the leather adds a lot to its classic good looks. Burgundy was a really hot handbag color in the 1970s, though, so that explains, in part, the Darla's vintage appeal.

The shape of this bag seems both like a nod to the past and also like something extraordinarily unique. The triangular tote shape is elegant and ladylike, and the brass clasp closure on the front flap has a beautiful hanging strap and lock detail.

At $2,480, the Darla is a pretty weighty investment. But this is the kind of investment bag that might be worthwhile if you have the money, as the leather will only get better with age and the design will never go out of style.

More Features Of The Chloe Darla Large Leather Tote

  • 14" x 7" 13" size
  • 9" strap drop
  • Fully lined in black twill

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