Chinese Laundry’s New Licensee | M. London Gains Rights to Affordable Handbag Brand

Posted on: Jun 9

Chinese Laundry Fall BagThere's been a changing of the guard at Chinese Laundry, with M. London taking over the licensing from Viewmark.

M. London's certainly got the experience and vision needed to take the affordable handbag label to the next level. It's been in the fashion business for the last 20 years, and it believes Chinese Laundry deserves a more modern, grown-up approach.

Many of the bags will still be made from the polyurethane used previously, although they'll be a bit more expensive. You can expect to pay between $79 and $110 for the new faux leather Chinese Laundry purses.

But M. London also plans to introduce a real leather Chinese Laundry handbag collection as a sort of companion to Chinese Laundry's top tier Elise footwear range. Of course we'll pay more for the privilege of carrying the real leather Chinese Laundry accessories, but I don't think anyone looking for a bit more luxury from the brand will mind that one bit.

We can expect to see the new leatherette Chinese Laundry handbags in stores soon, with the high-end authentic leather purses to follow in 2012. Are you excited about the new direction Chinese Laundry is heading, or would you prefer the company kept with its original philosophies and price points?

[Source: Accessories Magazine]

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