Chanel’s Valentine’s Day Collection | Pink Purses for February 14

Posted on: Feb 11

Chanel Valentines Day BagsAny man who hasn't already snagged a Valentine's Day gift for his lady love is cutting it fine. However his disorganization may be forgiven if he indulges in one of the romantic purses from the Chanel Valentine's Day 2012 collection.

The French fashion house resisted the temptation to make its bags in blood red or hot pink leather. There isn't even a hint of a heart to be seen. But by refusing to honor clichés, Chanel's ensured this small capsule collection will get plenty of wear after February 14.

The purses are all made from pretty blush pink materials. Some have a decadent metallic sheen, others favor matte tones, and there's even one with a lush python effect. There are five pieces in all: a quilted clutch, a serpentine pochette, a pearlized cosmetics case, an iPad sleeve, and a floral stitched key holder. They all appear like special occasion pieces rather than casual items, but that only makes them feel a bit more special. Valentine's Day is all about being pampered after all! And who says we can't add a little extra sophistication into our everyday anyway?

Men who really want to endear themselves to their beloved can also snag some breathtaking jewelry from the same line. The pearl earrings, cuff bracelet, and brooch have the sort of ornate designs we rarely see in the modern fashion world. As a handbag fan I'm also drawn to the lambskin and gold chain bracelets which mimic the familiar chain straps we've seen on so many Chanel purses.

The Valentine’s Day 2012 collection is available at Chanel stores now.

[Source: The Bag Snob]

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