Chanel USA Employees Bag Blake Lively | Gossip Girl Slammed By American Workers

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Blake Lively in Blue Dress

Blake Lively in Blue DressI loved Blake Lively’s ad campaign for the Mademoiselle handbag line, but it seems that workers at Chanel USA haven’t been so complimentary.

The NYDailyNews reports that there’s been “internal grumblings” at the French fashion house’s American arm ever since Lively was appointed as the face of the handbag collection.  An anonymous source says the resistance comes from Lively’s “off-brand look,” which is an interesting way to say her all American good looks don’t gel with the label’s image of European elegance.

Funnily enough, it was that apple pie appeal that lured Karl Lagerfeld to sign the Gossip Girl actress in the first place. He was also very complimentary about working with her on the photo shoot, so it seems her position is safe despite the rumblings. What Karl says goes in the world of Chanel, after all.

Another insider confirmed as much, commenting that no employees working in Chanel’s American offices would have any clout in advertising decisions. In fact, the source suggested the Chanel fat cats would “literally fire anyone who admits” to disapproving of Lively’s role in the advertising campaign.

This isn’t the first time the Chanel USA office has been skeptical about Lagerfeld’s choice of model. Apparently they weren’t too keen on Natalia Vodianova either. So are the Chanel USA workers just a pack of bitches, or do they have a point?

[Image Source: Kristin dos Santos/Wikipedia Commons]