Chanel Sues Counterfeit Handbag Websites

Posted on: Aug 7

Chanel is suing a Las Vegas company which it claims operates websites selling counterfeit Chanel handbags.

Chanel filed the lawsuit on Wednesday against Marc Giovanni, Top Modea Purses Inc. and their affiliated websites Web sites and The luxury label claims the defendants have infringed on its trademarks by advertising and selling replica goods bearing the Chanel trademarks. It adds that these counterfeit products are likely to be of inferior quality.

"The net effect of the defendants' actions will be to result in the confusion of consumers who will believe the defendants' counterfeit goods are genuine goods originating from and approved by Chanel," a Chanel spokesperson said.

The websites have refuted the charges, calling their handbags "high quality, designer-inspired alternatives."

"It is not our intention to fool our customers into believing they are authentic. Instead, we offer inspired designer handbags as a lower-cost alternative for those who wish to enjoy the same fashion and quality without the high price," the websites' spokesperson declared.

Mere alternative or something more sinister, if you slap another brand's logo on to your purse, there are going to be repercussions. It seems there's only one way for this legal battle to go.

[Source: Las Vegas Sun]
[Image Source: Puamelia/Flickr]

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