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Posted on: Oct 7

Chanel has recently showcased its latest selection of designer items for the spring of '09.

Karl Lagerfeld understands what 'Chanel' women want - classic elegance with a few touches of modern feminism thrown in for fun. Now 'fun' in fashion (the tongue-n-cheek kind) is something Mr. Lagerfeld indulges in quite often, just take the new Chanel Spring 2009 collection for instance.

Lagerfeld keeps the RTW line crisp, clean and accessorized with everything you've come to expect from the house that Coco built. So where does Lagerfeld's sense of humor make a statement? Well, unfortunately, it rears its' ugly head with ridiculous "shopping bag" bags that are meant to poke fun at the rabid dog mentality of the more serious Chanel handbag collector. Are we laughing, ladies? I know I'm not.

I suppose Lagerfeld is trying to make a point that a die-hard Chanel collector would even pay for a shopping bag if said bag was peddled by Chanel. There are some women who fit that stereotype - the ones that buy every Chanel bag no matter how hideous (and those are few) they might be for the sake of saying "I own every Chanel bag ever made".

I know many Louis Vuitton-loving women who fit this description to a tee (LV is big here in Miami). I'm not so sure about Chanel, though. Chanel collectors have always struck me as women with a keen sense of style and not easily persuaded to invest in junk.

This is not to say that the spring line is devoid of glorious Chanel bags. On the contrary, there are gorgeous fabric and leather flap bags that will pull at every Chanel lover's heartstrings.

All I'm saying is that bags like these which are clearly made in jest should remain runway accessories and not put up for sale. I know some poor woman will feel compelled to buy one of these kitsch bags, and I hate to see bad things happen to good people.

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