Chanel Releases Luxurious Bocce Bag for Summer Sports Fans

Posted on: Apr 5

Chanel is helping cashed up luxury lovers get ready for summer with the launch of this bocce ball set.

The set of eight stainless steel balls are all engraved with the Chanel trademark. The balls and a wooden jack are packaged up in a summery woven wicker and leather case. The case also features the interlocking Cs cleverly rendered in braided rope on the lid.

With its brown saddle leather accents and wicker finish, this Chanel case reminds me of an old-fashioned picnic basket. It's got a lovely vintage vibe to it, but I'm not sure that justifies the $2800 asking price. Although considering this comes from Chanel, I'm not at all surprised by that hefty price tag!

It's hard to rationalize a splurge unless you're a serious bocce nut. But if you're looking for a way, consider this. Alexa Chung has been spotted carrying the bocce case as an ordinary handbag. If it's good enough for Alexa, perhaps the wicker case could work double-time for the rest of us!

[Source: Luxist]

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