Chanel Launches Heritage Handbag Exhibition at New York Flagship Store

Posted on: May 6

As we were reminded by Millward Brown Optimor's study last week, nothing says luxury like heritage. Clearly Chanel has taken note, as it will launch its the Secrets of the Chanel Handbag exhibition in New York next week.

The exhibit, at Chanel's East 57th Street flagship boutique, will reveal how Chanel handbags are made, and how the label's style has evolved over time. Visitors can walk through an interactive visual display featuring some of Chanel's favorite handbags, and see the latest purses designed by the inimitable Karl Lagerfeld.

Perhaps after observing all that goes in to making a Chanel bag, you'll be able to justify their exorbitant prices! I'm sure the store's owners are crossing their fingers!

You can see the Secrets of the Chanel Handbag exhibition at Chanel's New York flagship store from May 8 to May 16.

[Source: Bag Snob]
[Image Source: Jturbanos/Flickr]

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