Kooba Rio Tote on Michelle Trachtenberg | Large Glossy Patent Leather Taupe Purse

Posted on: Jan 21

Michelle Trachtenberg photo via Celebutopia

Buffy's younger sister is all grown up and becoming quite the fashion icon. It's refreshing to see her dressed up in a chic and age-appropriate manner.

Her choice of purse suits her youthful looks too. I love the modern lines and intriguing shape of the Kooba Rio Tote which is a perfect choice for Michelle, and any other 20-something woman whose style reflects a more fashion-conscious sensibility.

The Rio is large (19 x 13.5 x 5), but its' simple design keeps it from overpowering Michelle's slim frame. It features a glossy, patent leather exterior, roomy dual shoulder straps and open top with magnetic snap closure (or you can opt to use interior zippers to close it up as well).

The interior has several pockets for additional storage. While Michelle's version appears to be taupe, it's actually silver. It must be a subtle silver. Who cares what color it is anyway. Dawny cleans up good, don't she?

(Via SenoraCartera: Celebrity Style: Michelle Trachtenberg and the Kooba Rio Tote)

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