Celebrities Design Man Bags for Charity Auction | Ricky Gervais, Twiggy, and Jimmy Choo Among the Group

Posted on: Jun 8

A charity auction involving fashion and celebrities is certainly nothing new. We've seen them benefit the Sir Elton John AIDS Foundation and even Global Giving relief efforts in Italy.

Celebrities always seem to jump right in when this sort of thing comes around, whether it's for the publicity or simply a big heart. Well, this time the fashion and the proceeds are for men. Yes, women will pay ridiculous amounts to get a Ferragamo bag previously owned by Eva Longoria Parker, but the men deserve their own charity events, too.

Manbagcompany.com has teamed up with some well-known (and some really offbeat) celebrities to benefit the Prostate Cancer Charity, a UK-based organization that works to fight prostate cancer through support, research, and more. Some of the celebrities involved on the project include Ricky Gervais, Alan Carr, Jade Jagger, Twiggy, Ben Shephard, Depeche Mode, Tom Baker, and Jimmy Choo.

Each man bag has been either hand-drawn, painted, or stitched by the celebs making each one completely original and unique. Yes, I'd definitely describe Ricky Gervais' version with a cartoon drawing of one of his Flanimals as original ... very original.

Click here to view all of the 33 celebrity-designed man bags soon to be available for bidding. The manbagcompany.com charity auction begins on June 24.

[Source: Female First]
[Image: Manbagcompany.com]

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