Carlos Falchi Kite Bag | Luxurious White Caiman Crocodile Handbag

Posted on: Aug 16

Carlos Falchi Crocodile Kite BagAllow me to fantasize for a bit, to pretend that I have a bulging bank account and that I live in a grime free world. Because if I did live in the land of my imagination, I'd snap up this Carlos Falchi Kite Bag.

This bag is all about that gorgeous Caiman fuscus crocodile. It shines like a neon sign in white. The pale fabric helps us marvel at each and every scale. And marveling I am, even if it's not very PC these days to celebrate animal skins. Looking at a bag like this makes you realize just how far embossed leathers must come if they're going to compete.

The Kite is a fairly simple bag, with a very natural slouchy shape. It's enormous too, which only gives us more crocodile to marvel over. The spacious interior is well appointed with a zippered pocket, pair of gadget slips, and even some holders for pens and lipsticks. Not that I'd feel comfortable carrying lipstick anywhere near a white bag!

PETA needn't hunt me down though, because while I'm smitten I'll never be able to afford to spend $4495 on a handbag. And even if I could come up with the cash, I'd never fork it over for a bag that will show stains after a season.

More Features of This Carlos Falchi Crocodile Bag

  • Zip top closure
  • Measures 10.5 x 15.5 x 7 inches
  • Made in the United States

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