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Posted on: Aug 5

Anne Klein Perfect ToteI must admit whenever I hear a fashion house describe its bag as perfect, I instantly become more critical. It's such a strong word, one that indicates that its creation is beyond reproach and without flaw. So does Anne Klein's Perfect Tote deserve its moniker?

In a word, no. Automatically my eyes go to that white leather, which while gorgeous now is sure to attract stains. Anne Klein hasn't helped us any by neglecting to add metal feet to the base. You'll need to be very careful where you sit it down, and how clean your hands are, when you carry this tote.

The straps are just the right length for easy over-the-shoulder carrying, but their rolled design is less than perfect. This style of strap is prone to falling off shoulders; flattening them would have made toting much easier.

Try as I might, I can't find fault with the interior. It's a really great size for everyday use; not big enough to become unmanageable and not so small that we need to compromise our cargo. A large zippered divider makes the interior feel very user-friendly, while the side wall pockets give us no excuse for becoming disorganized! I suppose a zippered top would have been more secure than the existing magnet, but really I feel like I'm nitpicking.

The price is pretty perfect though. At $89 we're getting a leather tote for what we'd usually pay for a synthetic bag, and one that is practical to boot. It might not be perfect, but this Anne Klein tote certainly comes close.

More Features of This Anne Klein Leather Tote

  • Signature nylon lined interior
  • Dual handles with a 9 inch drop
  • Measures 13 x 16 x 6 inches

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