Carlos Falchi and Daughter Collaborate on Graffiti Handbag Collection

Posted on: Sep 5

Nepotism is alive and well at the fashion house of Carlos Falchi. When your name is Kate Falchi, it's no surprise that you'll end up working right alongside your dear old dad in the family business.

While we might all lust for her lot, it seems Kate may have more than simply the Falchi name going for her. A look at the Carlos Falchi Graffiti Collection, Kate's first collaboration with her father, proves some of his talent may have rubbed off.

Falchi's signature tiger snakeskins serve as a backdrop for punkish sketches and defacement befitting the Graffiti moniker. The bags are a departure from the classic creations we're used to seeing from Carlos Falchi. If 25-year-old Kate can continue to inject this youthful energy into the sometimes staid label, it can only be a good thing.

The Graffiti Collection handbags will be available in three sizes, starting from $395 and ranging up to $1195 for the largest purse. They will debut at Bergdorf Goodman's Fashion's Night Out celebrations on September 10.

[Source: Purse Blog]

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