Carlo Fellini Natalie Clutch | Beautiful Rhinestone Clasp Satin Box Purse

Posted on: Aug 16

Carlo Fellini Natalie ClutchCarlo Fellini lets the clasp do all the talking with this gorgeous Natalie clutch.

This purse is all about that large semi-circle clasp. The closure is studded with rhinestones, adding the bling that this fairly simple clutch needs to stand out. I like this classic combination of white gems with navy satin, but there are four more options if it seems too safe for you.

Aside from the clasp, the Natalie really is your standard box clutch. It's covered in navy satin, which is kept blissfully bare. Some might say it's boring, but I think the purse would look too busy if anything was competing with the clasp.

The interior too is simple, with just a small pouch for holding receipts. There isn't a lot of space inside though, even by evening bag standards, so be prepared to leave a few items behind when you step out.

Using the chain strap is probably the best way to maximize storage space. It's disappointing that this strap isn't detachable, as it clutters up the already small interior when it's not in use. And sadly when it is, the Natalie doesn't look quite as elegant. It's a shame we're forced to choose whether we prefer storage space or style.

But perhaps we should expect such compromises when we're paying just $92. That's really not a lot of money to spend on such an elegant evening purse.

More Features of This Carlo Fellini Box Clutch

  • Suede-like interior lining
  • A chain strap with a 23 inch drop
  • Measures 2 x 6.5 x 3.2 inches

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