Carlo Fellini Trish Clutch | Navy Satin Rhinestone Buckle Evening Purse

Posted on: Mar 8

Carlo Fellini Trish ClutchCarlo Fellini offers an alternative to over-embellished evening purses which this sleek and chic Trish.

A rectangular rhinestone buckle is the Trish's centerpiece, and Carlo Fellini allows it to shine by keeping the rest of the purse blissfully simple. The faceted white gems really pop against the Trish's darker than dark navy satin body. The Trish is also available in pale colors bisque and silver, but the stones get lost against the pastel satins. For the most dramatic statement choose this clutch in the richer navy, black, or brown tones.

While I appreciate Carlo Fellini's minimalist approach to design, I'm a bit disappointed that it extends to the interior. The slide pocket is pretty stock stand for a clutch, but it's also fairly useless. I appreciate the addition of a shoulder strap, but this one isn't as chic as I'd like. Girls who prize comfort will appreciate the way the soft braided rope feels against their skin, but it doesn't have the polish of a silvery chain.

Then again, we don't expect high class looks for $36. In fact, the Trish delivers much more style than most purses priced under $50!

More Features of This Carlo Fellini Satin Clutch

  • Snap magnetic closure
  • Polyester lined interior
  • A 21-inch braided shoulder strap
  • Measures 2 x 10 x 4 inches

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