Santi Canvas and Patent Clutch | Interesting Wrapped Crocodile Print Purse

Posted on: Jul 13

Santi is the king of decoration, but has it gone over the top with this complicated clutch bag?

I have to hold my hands up and admit that I am not a great fan of this clutch. It is just too much, too complex, there are too many layers of complication and decoration. Some may enjoy the contrast of soft cream canvas against bright patent red, and this is obviously going to be popular with fans of crocodile print, but for me it is all just a bit over the top!

I am also disappointed with the fact that for over $100 you don't get real leather. To me, that doesn't seem all that much to ask. Obviously the synthetic fabric will be more waterproof, but not with the canvas background added into the equation.

This slouchy tote is an interesting creation, and I sense that some will love it whilst others hate it. Which court are you in?

More Features of this Santi Patent Purse

  • Layered canvas and synthetic exterior
  • Optional shoulder strap, chain
  • Frame based closure
  • Satin interior lining

Get this Crocodile Print Clutch:

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