Camila Alves’ New Muxo Bags | American Inspired Handbags for QVC

Posted on: Feb 10

New Muxo BagExotic beauty Camila Alves looked to her adopted home of America for inspiration to create the latest handbag line for her Muxo label.

As the fiancé of Hollywood heartthrob Matthew McConaghey, Alves always seems to be on the go. The landscapes of her recent travel destinations, including Texas, New Orleans, Arkansas, New York, and California, have helped the new handbags take shape.

"We are really having fun mixing all of the inspirations from the various landscapes that we’ve been collecting for some time now," she recently said.

While the "we" may refer to Alves' mother, who is also her business partner, it might also refer to McConaughey who isn't afraid to speak up about the purses. Alves claims her husband has "great taste" and a sixth sense about "what works and what doesn't."

"We are one big family so we share everything, including opinions on the creations for the line," she insisted.

I like the daring of the designs I've seen so far, but I'm not sure of the cohesiveness. The kiss-lock front pocket on Alves' favorite new handbag, pictured, seems a little out of place to me. What's your take on the design?

We can make our verdict when Alves debuts the collection on QVC this Saturday at 10 pm Eastern Standard Time.

[Source: People StyleWatch]

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