Burberry Prorsum Laser-Cut Suede Hobo | High-Tech, Low Maintenance Burgundy Hobo With Cut Outs

Posted on: Sep 26

Burberry is a label that, honestly, I sort of thought of as a one-trick pony until a few years ago. Its one trick being the trench, of course. In the past couple years, though, the line has really stepped up its fashion game. And Prorsum has taken it one step further with its own take on edgy, hip classics.

This laser cut suede hobo walks a fine line between modern and classic, and one I'd like to see Burberry keep walking. It's not the most exciting, edgy hobo I've ever seen, but it's not supposed to be. It would be equally at home on the arm of a society dame or the wife of a rockstar.

The rich color of the sumptuous suede is very of the moment. They call it burgundy, but I'd say aubergine. However you say it, it's a great dark neutral that will work with a lot of color palettes, both warm and cool, and is a great take on this season's not-quite-black darks.

The shape strikes a fab balance between structured and slouchy. I hate the way an overly slouchy hobo just collapses when you put it down, but that won't happen with this baby. It's got just enough to hold itself up. The band, strap, and buckle detail along the top adds a bit of edginess, but the rolled leather handle keeps it classy.

I really like this hobo, but for $1,495, I want something to have a little more punch, or to be the kind of thing that lasts a lifetime. And while the style of this hobo might stand the test of time, the suede probably won't.

More Features Of The Burberry Prorsum Laser-Cut Suede Hobo

  • 17" x 12" x 2" size
  • 9" handle drop
  • Lined in signature Burberry check

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